Conquering Phoenicia, NY

A Hidden Gem In New York

Awhile back I visited Phoenicia, NY.  We had found a small AirBNB right on the corner of Main Street, and it was an amazing trip. Phoenicia is a small town in New York with a population of less than 400 people. There’s actually quite a bit to do in Phoenicia, NY, but this blog article is meant to kind of document my time there.

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Where is Phoenicia, NY?

Phoenicia is about two hours outside of New York City and an hour away from Poughkeepsie, New York. If you’re familiar with the Catskill Mountains or Woodstock – Phoenicia, NY is about a 25-minute ride away from there.

Main Street in Phoenicia, NY

What’s it like in Phoenicia, NY?

Phoenicia, NY is an incredibly quiet town. With such a small population, Phoenicia really isn’t a “loud” place. It’s very peaceful, which is what made it the perfect weekend getaway for me (and because the AirBNB had a hot tub).

Where I stayed, we could walk out from our AirBNB – which was across from the town’s church – and walk all the way down Main Street’s sidewalk, which was probably about half a mile long.

Now, Main Street in Phoenicia, NY is essentially the town center. On Main Street, you will find everything you need: a bank, an insurance office, a gas station, a small grocery store, a liquor store, an ice cream shop, a gift shop, and several restaurants – two of which literally share a kitchen.

You read that right, Brio’s Pizzeria and Sportsman’s Alamo Cantina share the same kitchen. Crazy unique and I thought it was awesome: On one side of the kitchen there’s a casual Neopolitan pizzeria with smoothies and beer, and on the other side of the kitchen you’ll find a slightly more fine-dining experience with Mexican cuisine.

There are a few other shops on Main Street but I think you’re getting the picture – Phoenicia, NY is a quiet, peaceful, friendly & welcoming community. You can stay and relax and if you want to go into town, everything you need is there.

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Views from the mountain roads in Phoenicia, NY.

What is there to do in Phoenicia, NY?

You might check out the Empire State Railway Museum, Rail Explorers, or visit Mystery Spot Antiques and The Nest Egg on Main Street in Phoenicia, NY. You can also visit Woodland Valley State Park or, weather permitting, you could get in touch with The Town Tinker Tube Rental. Set aside from all the other businesses in Phoenicia, you will find the The Phoenicia Diner. Being such a small town, everyone seems to be a regular at the Phoenicia Diner, but the food was great and the waitstaff was very friendly.

What did you do while you were in Phoenicia, NY, Jon?

I ate at both Brio’s and The Sportsman’s Alamo Cantina, and I also visited the Phoenician Diner. The grocery store has all your basics, and the Nest Egg is absolutely PACKED with products whether you’re looking for something for your house, as a gift, an array of sweets, or just a souvenir from your travels.

The Nest Egg gift shop on Main Street in Phoenicia, NY.

While staying in Phoenicia, NY I also went snowboarding on Hunter Mountain, which would be the second mountain I would snowboard. Here’s the story:

I was no stranger to snowboarding down a hill, and I had taken lessons at Bromley Mountain when I was younger. However, this time around, I had recently seen my first mountain trails at Jiminy Peak. After A LOT of embarrassing wipeouts, the maneuvering was finally coming back to me. I was ready to have an absolute blast on Hunter Mountain because it was the first time I was going to seriously snowboard.

On the way up the ski lift, I got really scared – like full-blown body froze up just taking in what was happening. I had decided to go all the way up to the top of the mountain to complete a trail from the start – something I had never done before. I insisted I was ready, mainly because I knew it was something I had to stop being afraid of. It was important to me to stop my anxiety from convincing me that I wasn’t good enough to go all the way down a mountain because I’d fall, get hurt, and die. To clarify, my point here was that I knew I had the experience and that I was prepared, but there were mental barriers holding me back.

Snowboarding on Hunter Mountain.

Nevertheless, I conquered the panic attacks, took that ski lift up to the top of the mountain, and holy shit was it worth it. I had a moment I will never forget up there, just admiring how different and beautiful that snow looked and felt – unlike any kind of snow I had experienced before.

For more information on managing anxiety and panic attacks, see my article Three Grounding Techniques For Anxiety.

I share this because if you’re questioning challenging yourself, especially if you know you’re prepared for the challenge, do it. Don’t live in your comfort zone. Challenging your anxieties is an important part of managing them. It’s an important way to show yourself that not only are you better than you think, but you are also far more capable and you need to give yourself more credit.

I knew I was prepared for that mountain, but whether anxiety is preventing you from talking to people, learning a new instrument, or welcoming a new chapter of your life, the challenge is often worth it and may even be more rewarding than we initially expected.

Whether is anxiety is preventing you from talking to people, learning a new instrument, or welcoming a new chapter of your life, the challenge is often worth it and may even be more rewarding than we initially expected. Click To Tweet

So, what are your thoughts on Phoenicia, NY, Jon?

I’d recommend visiting Phoenicia, NY to people who are looking for quiet and calm but don’t want to be restricted by the fact that they’re on vacation. Though you pretty much only have one option for most of them, all of your essentials are very close by. From where I personally stayed right on Main Street, everything was literally a 2-minute walk away. Phoenicia, NY is the perfect place for a quiet weekend getaway.

If you’re looking for a short, relaxing trip or just looking for a nice change, Phoenicia, NY is definitely worth a look.

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