• The Story Of Jon

    49 Life Lessons I Learned From Suicide

    Very often in life, there are moments that change who we are. Moments that change how the rest of life will play out for us. For me personally, one of those moments was a suicide attempt in 2015. The next 5 years of my life would become about growth, rebuilding, positivity, health, self-care, and fulfillment. I decided to put together a list of all of the life lessons I learned as a result of my…

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  • Fitness

    Kettlebell Training Guide

    Have you ever wondered about kettlebells? They were a very foreign concept to me until I began my Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. Kettlebell training is very prevalent in MMA gyms as well as in CrossFit gyms. It wasn’t until I began learning about them and utilizing them in my own training that I found out it’s because they’re so insanely effective. I’m always talking about the hunt for exercise that you actually enjoy as…

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  • Mental Health

    What is CBD?

    Today I’m sharing a crash course on everything you need to know about CBD and answering some questions like: What is CBD? Who is it for? Will it help me? How do I take it? And more. CBD changed my life and I don’t want this article to glorify it, but I do want to stress that it can be an incredibly beneficial tool depending on your goals, and that it’s definitely an option people…

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  • Depression

    Supplements For Depression

    Today I want to talk about supplements for depression and the impact that some of these supplements can have on lifting our mood. Knowing the right vitamins and supplements to take is a huge part of taking care of yourself and learning about your body. I’ve divided these lists of supplements for depression into two primary categories: General SupplementsAnxiety & Depression As always, please familiarize yourself with the WGOWJ Disclaimer and consult your physician before…

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  • Travel

    Conquering Phoenicia, NY

    Awhile back I visited Phoenicia, NY.  We had found a small AirBNB right on the corner of Main Street, and it was an amazing trip. Phoenicia is a small town in New York with a population of less than 400 people. There’s actually quite a bit to do in Phoenicia, NY, but this blog article is meant to kind of document my time there. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you…

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  • Self-Help

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga?

    Years ago, I tried yoga for the first time. Like many people, I was really skeptical as to whether or not it would actually do anything for me. As it turns out, there are some pretty unbelievable health benefits of yoga. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t give yoga a chance because they don’t have a solid understanding of what it is. In fact, before I tried yoga, I had only ever heard people say…

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  • Anxiety

    Five Breathing Exercises For Anxiety

    If you’re living with anxiety, you know that your breathing can sometimes get away from you and be a problem. Especially if you’ve dealt with panic attacks, this might be a phenomenon that you’re familiar with. Today I want to introduce five awesome breathing exercises that work really well for when your anxiety is acting up. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase a product through one of the links…

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  • Self-Help
    Essential Oils For Wellbeing

    Using Essential Oils For Wellbeing

    Knowing how to use essential oils for wellbeing is important because using essential oils can be a great way to change your mood or make yourself feel better. I highly recommend learning about essential oils, some common uses, and how they can be used. Especially if you’re battling mental illness, essential oils are a great way to give yourself a bump in the right direction. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If…

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  • Relationships

    Effective Communication In Relationships

    Effective communication in relationships isn’t easy to come by. A lack of communication is a very common barrier to a lot of relationships. I think part of the problem, honestly, is that people don’t know how to talk about their feelings. It’s difficult, so they make fun of it, and that influences a lot of other people to do the same. Effective communication in relationships isn’t about sitting down every night and having a heart-felt…

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  • Anxiety

    Seeing A Doctor For Anxiety

    One of the biggest hurdles to seeking treatment is actually just making the appointment to go see the Doctor. I’ll be addressing seeing a doctor for depression as well, but today I want talk about what happens when you’re seeing a doctor for anxiety. If you’re struggling with anxiety, you know that it helps to be more familiar with a situation before you go into it – this is similar to how we adjust to…

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  • Motivation

    Dealing With Lost Motivation

    Have you lost motivation? It happens to the best of us. Motivation can absolutely fluctuate – throughout the day, week, year, or even throughout your life. This is something that becomes very apparent when you consider that some people are easily motivated while others need to put in quite a bit of work for just a tiny bit of motivation. Especially if you’re suffering from mental health disorders, motivation doesn’t always come naturally. The concept…

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  • The Story Of Jon

    Who’s It All For?

    The blog has been up for awhile now, but only in the past few months did I start adding content. As I’ve started to publish more and more on my platform, I’m finding more areas for clarification. In terms of the platform in itself, I want to address who it’s for. In this post I’m sharing a little about myself and my own struggles, as well as addressing some of the “underground depths” of the…

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  • Anxiety

    Managing Anticipatory Anxiety

    Suffering from anxiety isn’t easy, especially when it’s anticipatory anxiety. I remember years ago I heard the term “anticipatory anxiety” for the first time during a therapy session. I had no idea what it was, but it was a concept that made perfect sense. Just being aware of this concept and knowing what it was made a difference for me. Eventually, this meant that I was able to start to focus on recognizing it and…

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  • Physical Health

    Why You Should Use An Exercise Video

    Exercise is going to be a huge talking point for a lot of different areas on this blog, and exercise videos are a great way to start moving. If you’re suffering from mental illness – such as depression or anxiety – exercise is one of the proven methods that we have to improve our symptoms. But it’s also no secret that people struggling with mental illness tend to have a harder time being around other…

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  • Self-Help

    Candle Meditation

    Meditation is one of the best tools that we have for our minds. As someone who has struggled quite a bit with racing thoughts, I can tell you that knowing how to properly use meditation will greatly improve your quality of life. In regards to insomnia and racing thoughts in bed at night, every Doctor I’ve worked with essentially tries to prescribe a dose of a sleeping med that will knock me out quick enough…

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